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Moose Encounter

(Loosely inspired by a tall and nearly true tale)

Jake rushed through the door—sweaty and disheveled—to find Al playing solitaire in the main lodge.

“Al! I just had a moose encounter,” said Jake. “Up on Bacon Ridge. It was pretty great, dude. Wait’ll I tell the guys at home about this.”

“Was it sweet and chocolatey?”

“No, dipshit! Not that kind of moose, with a U! Moose with two O’s, like Bullwinkle. Huge, with antlers. I just saw one.”

“Tell me.”

“I grabbed my camera, hiked to the top, then took a few snaps, looking down at the ranch in the fall foliage. It was right purdy, pardner.”

“Jake, you’ve gotta cut that shit out. We’ll be home in . . . CONTINUE READING: Moose Encounter

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Reading a NEW Story at Comedy Showcase

“Writing Funny” Reunion—Comedy Showcase

I’ll be reading a NEW story called “Moose Encounter” at a reunion of the comedy writing class I took at Berkeley Rep.

Everyone enjoys a good laugh. What’s even better is creating that laugh!

Join us as students of Arje Shaw’s “Writing Funny” workshop at Berkeley Rep Theater School and Osher Life Learning Institute (OLLI) read excerpts of their work.

Come for a great evening of fun and laughter. BYOB will make it funnier!

Wednesday January 17th — 7:30 pm / The Monkey House 1638 University Avenue, Berkeley / Sliding scale $10-20 . . . CONTINUE READING: Reading a NEW Story at Comedy Showcase

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A Writer’s Debut As a Storyteller

About two years ago, I went to a storytelling event at The Marsh in Berkeley and watched six people tell six very different stories. Some personal, some historical, all about 10-15 minutes long.

My first reaction: I can do that.

Little did I know.

The tellers were all from Stagebridge, a Senior Theatre Company housed in an old church in Oakland, so I started taking storytelling classes there. Stagebridge also offers courses in acting, directing, singing, dancing, and many other kinds of performance. It’s the only “senior” thing I’ve ever done. But close friends, both recently retired psychologists, have found new passions in performance at Stagebridge, and, so I dove in.

I’m a big fan of “The Moth,” . . . CONTINUE READING: A Writer’s Debut As a Storyteller

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My First Storytelling—Thursday March 16 at Stagebridge


Learning how to tell stories is an ancient craft, difficult to master.

I’ve been very excited for the past year to learn oral storytelling—not reading my written stories, not memorizing lines, but knowing a story, absorbing it, then telling it in my own words, without script or notes.

It’s kind of a verbal jazz, different every time, and more challenging than I could have imagined.

Come hear my first “telling” outside of class (along with fellow student Eleanor Clement Glass). Some of the stories will be funny, some poignant, all heartfelt.

It takes place tomorrow, Thursday March 16 at noon at Stagebridge, at the First Congregational Church, 2501 Harrison Street, Oakland CA 94612. It’s in . . . CONTINUE READING: My First Storytelling—Thursday March 16 at Stagebridge