SHOWDOWN AT SHINAGAWA: Tales of Filming from Bombay to Brazil

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Tales from the Road


“21st-Century Village: Telemedical Kiosks in Remote India”
Published in Kyoto Journal #68, November 2007
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“Showdown at Shinagawa: Bowling for Budget in Tokyo”
Published in Kyoto Journal #66, May 2007
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“Chartres: Ecstasy at the Altar”
Published in San Francisco Chronicle Sunday Travel section, January 22, 2006
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“Ecstasy” also appears in humor anthology What Color is Your Jockstrap? edited by Jennifer L. Leo, published by Travelers’ Tales


“Starstruck at Cannes”
Published in Film/Tape World, August 2005


“New Zealand: Living a Lie at Mrs. O’Brien’s”
Published in Film/Tape World, October 2004


“Wrecks and Pissers: The Bombay-Pune Road”
Published in Gobshite Quarterly, August 2004
ALSO selected as Editor’s Choice Story,, March 2003


“Singapore: No Worry, Chicken Curry”
Published in Film/Tape World, January 2004


“Tokyo: The Tale of the 33rd Floor”
Published in Film/Tape World, October 2003


“Taiwan: Mr. Wong and the Universal Language”
Published in Film/Tape World, July 2003