SHOWDOWN AT SHINAGAWA: Tales of Filming from Bombay to Brazil

Roving Camera Album: Click Photo

Arri Alexa M cameras in 3D integrated system by Cameron-Pace Group

Technical Articles


“Shooting Into the Void” — PBS Science Series Closer to Truth
Published in American Cinematographer Magazine, journal of the American Society of Cinematographers, December 2008
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“Polishing the Talking Head: The West Wing Documentary Special”
Published by American Cinematographer Online, journal of the American Society of Cinematographers, March 2003


“Shooting from the Hip … and the Shoulder: Operating Handheld Film and Video Cameras”
Published in StudentFilmmakers Magazine, January 2008


“Living in Oblivion: On Creating, Then Destroying Your Original Video Media”
Published in StudentFilmmakers Magazine, February 2008
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“Shooting Abroad: Paperwork, Passports, X-rays, and Excess Baggage”
Published in Release Print Magazine, August 2003


“Here Comes the Sun: Using sunPATH Software”
Published in PHOTO Techniques Magazine, July/August 2004



“You Say Filming, I Say Image Capture: A Journey Into HD”
Published in Film/Tape World, November 2004


“French Fries and Film: Powering Production with Veggie Oil”
Published in Film/Tape World, August 2004



“The DI Revolution” — on Digital Intermediates for Timing Feature Films
Published in Film/Tape World, May 2004


“New Media: For Sun Seekers Only”
Published in Emmy Magazine, journal of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, October 2003