SHOWDOWN AT SHINAGAWA: Tales of Filming from Bombay to Brazil

Roving Camera Album: Click Photo

Keeping my Arri SR camera out of the water on the klongs near Bangkok. These Thai canals serve a variety of purposes, including transportation and sewage. Moments after this picture was taken, my soundman accidentally dropped his headphones in the klong, just as a dead animal floated by. Reluctant to touch the water, he shrugged, cut the phones free and let them drift away, then reached for his spare pair.

NAB 2012 Preview

I’m winging to Las Vegas for a couple of days to attend the NAB Show, the annual technical meeting and equipment show of the National Association of Broadcasters. In particular, I’m interested to see the latest digital cinema cameras, some recently released, some newly announced this week. I’m especially intrigued by an excellent summary in, which compares the newest digital cameras by resolution and price. And as always, I’ll also be looking at new camera accessories and lighting gear at the show. Watch for more reports coming up soon! . . . CONTINUE READING: NAB 2012 Preview