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Paris When It Sizzles

“Pinch me,” says Susan as we cross the Seine from the Left Bank to face the sun-drenched Gothic towers of Notre Dame. “I can’t believe we’re back here.”

We peel off jackets and join the throngs of tourists and worshippers outside the Cathedral. Despite the lyrics of the Cole Porter song – “I love Paris in the summer, when it sizzles” – it’s only April, but the temperature this afternoon sizzles near 80.

We’ve visited Paris at earlier stages of our lives – nine years ago with our teenagers, when we witnessed a suicide at the Eiffel Tower and a young woman in some ecstatic trance dropping her dress at Chartres Cathedral; 25 years ago, during our disastrous Open Relationship period before we had children; and separately back in 1968, long before we met, when Susan spent a year in a study abroad program and I coincidentally buzzed through Paris on a speedy trek across Europe with my college roommates. . . . CONTINUE READING: Paris When It Sizzles


‘Dog Years’ Published in Chicken Soup Anthology

My story “Dog Years” has been published in the new anthology Chicken Soup for the Soul: My Dog’s Life. “Dog Years” tells of the time a few years ago when I met Bill Clinton on a television shoot, during a time of turmoil in my family life. Chicken Soup published an edited version and changed the name to “Two Bills.” Here’s the original story.

I call Mom on my cell phone as I sit tentatively. “I’m at Bill Clinton’s desk in New York, in his chair! We’re interviewing him today for The West Wing Documentary.”

I imagine my tush on the leather seat triggering a Secret Service anti-groupie alarm, armed agents flooding into the former President’s office to carry me off. I jump up quickly. “Tell Pop I’ll be there tomorrow. And tell him where I called you from.”

A few weeks earlier, our pooch Sophie could barely move from her bed to the rug. . . . CONTINUE READING: ‘Dog Years’ Published in Chicken Soup Anthology