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‘Wrecks and Pissers’ Wins Travel Writing Award

Winners of the Fifth Annual Solas Awards for Best Travel Story of the Year were announced February 28 on BestTravelWriting.com, by the editors of Travelers’ Tales.

I’m pleased that my story “Wrecks and Pissers: The Bombay-Pune Road” has won a Bronze Certificate in the category “Destination: The best story about a place that captures its essence and reveals its attractions, making the reader want to go there.”

“Wrecks” is a funny story about my travels in India a few years ago. It certainly captures some of India’s essence. I’m not sure it makes you want to go there, but who am I to quibble? You be the judge. . . . CONTINUE READING: ‘Wrecks and Pissers’ Wins Travel Writing Award


Wrecks and Pissers: The Bombay-Pune Road


The notorious Bombay-Pune Road snakes and twists from the Indian Ocean up to the Deccan plateau. Centuries ago, this was an ancient trade route linking the coast to the interior. Silk and spice caravans passed this way, trying to evade bandits lurking in the rocky hills of the Western Ghats, a stretch of mountains dotted with cave temples and fortresses. Early in the 21st century, it became the treacherous setting for our spontaneous travel game.

Officially, the Bombay-Pune Road was India’s National Highway 4, a paved two-lane blacktop with impossible switchbacks, unbanked turns, and deadly drop-offs that made us pray for a guardrail. Traffic gushed and careened: cars, public buses and colorful lorries skidded around the turns, passing each . . . CONTINUE READING: Wrecks and Pissers: The Bombay-Pune Road