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‘Dog Years’ Published in Chicken Soup Anthology

My story “Dog Years” has been published in the new anthology Chicken Soup for the Soul: My Dog’s Life. “Dog Years” tells of the time a few years ago when I met Bill Clinton on a television shoot, during a time of turmoil in my family life. Chicken Soup published an edited version and changed the name to “Two Bills.” Here’s the original story.

I call Mom on my cell phone as I sit tentatively. “I’m at Bill Clinton’s desk in New York, in his chair! We’re interviewing him today for The West Wing Documentary.”

I imagine my tush on the leather seat triggering a Secret Service anti-groupie alarm, armed agents flooding into the former President’s office to carry me off. I jump up quickly. “Tell Pop I’ll be there tomorrow. And tell him where I called you from.”

A few weeks earlier, our pooch Sophie could barely move from her bed to the rug. . . . CONTINUE READING: ‘Dog Years’ Published in Chicken Soup Anthology

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Polishing the Talking Head: The West Wing Documentary Special


Former White House Director of Communications David Gergen is recalling the unforgettable day that President Reagan and his staff woke up at Versailles Palace, had lunch with the Pope and ate dinner with Queen Elizabeth. My problem, however, (see photo) is lighting his dark suit without pouring too much light on the top of his head.

Henry Kissinger is describing the peace agreement in Vietnam as a high point in his White House service. But how do I get light in both of his eyes without creating distracting glare in his glasses? And what do I do about the moiré pattern on his tie?

Bill Clinton reveals that he is more idealistic about the presidency now than when he took office, . . . CONTINUE READING: Polishing the Talking Head: The West Wing Documentary Special