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The Journey—Part 3: Running the Numbers


My weight loss journey—apologies for the long gap since my last post.

Earlier, I told you, in theory anyway, how I wanted to lose weight before my next significant birthday, and I promised to give you the actual numbers soon.

Here they are:

This past July 28th, I peaked out at 261 lbs, gloriously distributed over my 6’3” frame (I used to be over 6’4”, but that’s another story). At that time, with a bit more than six months to go till my sixty-tenth birthday on February 21st, I decided I wanted to lose ten per cent of my ample body weight.

That means reducing my weight by 26 lbs in about 30 weeks, or nearly a pound a week.

Target: 235 pounds.

Today, after 13 weeks since my peak, I weighed in at 249.8 lbs. So I’m down 11.2 so far.

The reason for my journey are many and unsurprising. I want to:

  • Reduce strain on my joints having to carry around all that weight, including especially hips, knees, back, neck, and others
  • Reduce or further control my hypertension (high blood pressure), which I currently control with sensible diet, exercise, and two different medications
  • Reduce strain on my heart and circulatory system
  • Possibly reduce the severity of my sleep apnea, which I currently control with nightly use of a CPAP machine
  • Maintain or possibly improve my current level of attractiveness to my mate

Sound familiar? I think these are common aspirations, and I know I can do this.

The method? With my wife Susan, I’m checking in (and going on the scale) every Thursday morning at Weight Watchers.

More soon.

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